How You Can Help

Materials for Independent Volunteers
I want to help, but I can't donate money, what can I do?
Pending Events Needing Volunteers
Any pending fund raiser events needing volunteers will be listed here, along with any point of contact to offer your services.
You can donate your time.  On this page we have downloadable tearaway documents, fliers for distribution, donation forms, and more that you can use to work either alone or with a group.   

Change isn't something that waits for us to come to it, its something we have to make happen by deliberate actions, most of them small, over a tremendous span of time.  We won't get to see the world our great, great grand children get to live in, but we do get to help make it, and the accumulation of small deeds, can make one great big difference in the world.
  1. Printable Flier
    Pin up this printable flier on a store front, window, or other location where it will be seen.
  2. Donation Sheet
    Print out fillable donation sheets you can hand out for people to mail in.
  3. Tearaway sheets
    These sheets have vertical tearaway pieces with our site and facebook page on them. Print these out, cut along the lines to keep them loose and individualized, and hang it up, passersby can take what they like, and donations can be made through our website and is accessible by our facebook page.
  4. Change for Charity (pending)
    With this app your spare change from transactions will help change the world. If you spend $1.75 on a cup of coffee, then $0.25 cents will go to charity, rounding you up to a $2.00 expenditure. Rounds costs up to the nearest dollar for day to day donations. have to admit, it makes doing your budget a little easier.
  5. Brochure
    For distribution, office placement, and booth use.
Single Sheet (PDF)
Social Media Graphic (JPG)
Mail in Donation Form (PDF)
16 Piece Poster (PDF)
Low Color (PDF)
High Color (PDF)
Brochure (PDF)