Our Method: 

Mountain & Valley Accrual Method

The Mountain Stage

The Valley Stage

After sufficient funds are in a cycle, a single herculean effort, high cost project will be undertaken, such as funding an entire water project or a mass vaccination, depending upon the vote of our member base.  This reduces our funds back down, thus creating the 'valley' and we begin the mountain building phase all over again, creating a progression of mountain peaks and valleys, hence the name of the process.
Our method is, to the best of our knowledge, unique, and was developed entirely for our organization.  The Mountain Valley Accrual Method is very simple.  We begin with the collection of small donations from members of our organization's page or discussion forum.  These small donations will be disbursed to various 'Micro Lending' charity options.  As these charitable NO INTEREST loans are repaid, new donations continue to accrue.