Bizoha Humanist Center Book Drive

07 December 2017

Our Book Drive for the Bizoha Humanist Center originated with a post by a friendly organization called: Atheists Against Pseudoscientific Nonsense, this (excellent) organization shared a post by this small Kasese based Humanist group relating to their 7th anniversary, and on seeing this, the Basement Dragon members and charity organizers thought useful educational material might be of use, a short series of questions and answers later, and the word had spread through multiple states and multiple countries.  As of 07 December 2017 volunteers began sending and announcing their intent to send books to the organizer's address. 

Check back here over the next few weeks to see how this campaign has turned out.  Pictures will be forthcoming of all donated materials. 

Books, DVDs, equipment, or other
material can be shipped to:

BD Giving
2507 Talbott Ave.
Louisville, KY